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CorrosionX for Guns

CorrosionX for Guns

SKU: 50010

CorrosionX® for Guns provides unmatched cleaning, lubrication and protection from rust and corrosion for pistols, rifles, shotguns, skeet, sporting clays, concealed carry, hunters, law enforcement, military, special forces and police applications. Extreme performance and protection to stand up to the most demanding shooting environments.

CorrosionX for Guns is regular CorrosionX® packaged in a 4 fl oz (118 ml) plastic bottle, with an applicator tip that's ideal for firearms. Now it's easier than ever to apply the product, and get maximum protection and performance at the range, in the field or under the most rigorous combat conditions. Polar Bonding is the key to CorrosionX for Guns' performance! And nothing else can match it.

Unlike ordinary cleaners, oils and greases, molecules of CorrosionX for Guns stick to metal almost like a magnet. Swab a dirty bore with CorrosionX for Guns, and it will work its way through fouling to reach the metal surface, lifting trash off for easy removal with a patch. Leave a very light coat of the product all over the weapon; it will prevent rust between uses, and make the weapon even easier to clean next time. Competitive .22 caliber pistol shooters say that cleaning and lubricating with CorrosionX for Guns increases their time between jams from 200-300 rounds to 1,500 rounds or more. A major U.S. law enforcement agency reported that a light coat of CorrosionX for Guns in the bore increased muzzle velocity by more than 100 fps, kept barrels noticeably cooler, and it even improved accuracy and consistency. Because CorrosionX for Guns bonds to the metal it contacts, it doesn't 'sling off' semiautomatic and automatic actions – making it an excellent replacement for messy greases.

CorrosionX for Guns is ideal for valuable antique and collectible weapons. It protects them from rust, and it won't hurt metal finishes. In fact, it enhances their appearance, and it won't attract dust or dirt. It's also a great lubricant and rust preventative for reloading equipment. Very little CorrosionX for Guns is required for effective lubrication.

  • Cuts through stubborn bore deposits for easier, more thorough cleaning
  • Decreases fouling, even after hundreds – or even thousands – of rounds
  • Lubricates and protects mechanisms and bores better and longer than products fortified with PTFE
  • Ideal for semiautomatics and automatics
  • Sticks to metal like a magnet to prevent rust ... even in the rain
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